As a business owner, you will be in need of a space for your employees to work in. Such an investment could end up having a positive effect on the productivity of your business. But finding the right commercial space for lease can be a tricky venture. Businesses have different needs when it comes to their office space which is why you have to take the time to evaluate just what you may need. Also, there are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration when it comes to looking for one as some factors can have a great deal of influence on your business as a whole.

Here are top 5 features that will help you find a commercial space for lease.

1. Accessibility

One of the most important things that you should consider in a commercial space you intend to lease is its ease of access. While there are many spaces that can fit the number of employees you have, that space will do no good if they will have a hard time reaching the office. A good commercial space should be somewhere that is available to be reached by various modes of transportation. It should be close to several types of public transport systems and also to major roads where private vehicles will have no trouble reaching. A commercial space for lease that has this feature will be able to provide convenience for you and your employees which would be something good to consider in your hunt for the best one for your company.

2. Geographical location

Aligned with the previous feature, something that should always be taken note of when it comes to commercial spaces is its geographical location. With the country commonly having typhoons during the rainy season and having fault lines extending all over the land, knowing where your office lies is something that will be beneficial to your business. A lot of areas are prone to flooding since most of them reside near rivers or are in low-lying places. Some areas are also within the vicinity of fault lines which can be dangerous should earthquakes come to occur. Details such as this can put the safety of you and your employees on the line when unprecedented events happen. Taking note of these geographical factors is highly important and should be done so extensively in order to ensure that during times of emergencies, you and your employees will be far from harm’s way.

3. Security

Another important thing that a commercial space should feature is its security. Having a secure place to work in is a valuable factor to a lot of business owners. You would not want your employees to be harmed in the workplace and you would also not want your company’s files to be accessed by intruders. While some commercial spaces have security guards on duty 24/7, some do not so it is good to take note of this in deciding whether you should take a deal or not. Knowing if a commercial space for lease has an effective security system is one of the things you should prioritize in finding the right space for your business. This feature can allow you and your employees to work with ease, knowing that you are safe and secure all throughout the work day.

4. Wifi

A mandatory thing to have in offices is a fast and secure internet connection. This comes without a question because a lot of transactions businesses have require using the internet. Although some offices have internet connection services, they may not have a fast connectivity rate in comparison to other spaces. Having a commercial space where the internet is slow can have an impact on the productivity of your employees as they may not be able to finish their work on time. It can also be frustrating if your web pages take too long to load which can cause unnecessary stress and unhappy employees. Because of this, having a fast and stable internet is one of the key features that your commercial space should have since it can benefit you and your company a lot.

5. Floor Plan

As mentioned earlier, companies can vary when it comes to what they need. While some do not require a big space, others need to have one that can accommodate all of their employees. Certain companies would be in need of large conference rooms while others do not. With this, the floor plan of a commercial space you plan to lease should be something to get a hold of. Knowing the design of the structure is important not only for deciding whether or not it can fit your entire staff but also the proper exit points in case of emergencies. Your commercial space should not only serve the productivity of your business but also you and your employees’ safety. It is also worthy to note whether or not they have multiple parking spaces available as this can add more to the convenience of your employees who may have cars of their own.

With all of that being said, finding the right commercial space that accommodates all of what you need can still be difficult. You may not even know where to begin. You can spend weeks trying to look for spaces which may not even be what you would want which can be quite wasteful of your time. Luckily, Greenfield Development Corporation can be a big help when it comes to your ventures in finding the perfect commercial space for lease.

Committed to its vision and mission, GDC nurtures its lands into sustainable developments that will stand the test of time and be a legacy left behind for the generations to come. As one of the largest land holding companies in the Philippines, they are adamant in catering to the needs of their clients when it comes to industrial and office property. They are set to exceed expectations with every single one of their developments as clients can rely on their years of expertise in the field of land development. True to this fact, they offer a variety of commercial spaces that are aligned with the features mentioned above. Some of these are Greenfield Tower, The Square, IT Center, and many more.

Commercial spaces are truly important for the growth of companies as it can aid them in their productivity. While it will take time for you to decide which commercial space would be perfect and aligned with your goals, it is good to be open to a lot of options. Greenfield Development Corporation offers you the opportunity for everything your company may need in terms of commercial space features. Because of the years they have garnered in honing their craft as well as their continued commitment to their values, availing a commercial space from them which will surely help your company thrive as the years go by.

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