Ever wanted to do a project at home or add some changes that would make it a better place for you and your family but was too intimidated by the steps it would take to finish it? Fret no more and add style and character to your home with these practical and stylish changes to your home.

Here are the top 6 DIY Projects you can have in your home in Laguna.

Add Life to Your Wall with a Wallpaper

Adding Wallpaper to the walls of your home in Laguna can add color and pattern in an elegant or refreshing way that paint can’t always match. With it being made with various materials, it also adds texture to the surface of a wall. There are many prepasted papers available in craft stores or online shops that make your DIY décor easier to apply. Just be sure to measure the height and width of each wall and multiply those numbers to get the square footage of the wall. For every door or large window, subtract 10.

If your chosen wallpaper has a pattern, experts recommend buying an extra roll or two in the same dye lot, depending on the size of the design.

Turn Your Trash Into Compost

Save your surroundings by being mindful of your trash and turning it into compost.

It is a win-win situation for the environment, as composting diverts materials from the waste stream, thus reducing landfill trash, while also improving the soil. It’s a simple habit to pick up and encourage others to do. Just be sure to learn about the dos and don’ts of composting, such as fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, dryer lint, shredded newspaper, grass clippings, and small leaves and twigs are those you can compost. And avoid adding meat or dairy products to your compost.

Ideally, you’ll want three parts brown material (leaves, twigs, and the like) to one part green material (kitchen scraps and grass clippings). Place your compost in a warm sunny spot such as a corner of the garden. Also, keep it moist, and turn it frequently to aid the breakdown process.

By doing this, you help enrich your garden’s soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests. You also help reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. This encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi that break down organic matter to create humus, a rich nutrient-filled material, making the soil in your garden healthy and more accommodating to house plants.

Build A Shelf

Lacking a place to store your things? This DIY project may be ideal for your home in Laguna!

Adding a shelf to your home is a quick and easy project that adds function and form in the way of decorative storage. Determine where you want to hang a shelf and what size the shelf should be. Get these measurements using a measuring tape.

In most cases, you’ll need wall studs to attach the supports, but drywall anchors may work if there isn’t too much weight on the shelf. Consider adding brackets for extra support if your shelves are longer or heavier.

Decide how high you want the brackets to be and the distance between them. Drill pilot holes for the screws before screwing the brackets into place. Determine what items will be placed on your shelf and think about the ideal way for it to be fastened. Some shelves simply rest on the brackets; others are attached by screws. Determine the durability and strength of your project by testing its pressure threshold before placing any breakables on the shelf.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Want to change your kitchen’s background a bit? Add some color to your kitchen by painting the cabinets with your favorite color, or brighten up the room by painting them white. Whatever color you go for, get a semi-gloss or gloss paint because it is easier to clean and stands up to wear and tear better than matte-finish paint.

Remove the doors, drawers, and hardware before picking up your brush and applying paint. Start by applying two coats of primer. Then, sand the surface lightly. Once done, you may go ahead and apply the paint, going with the grain. Don’t forget to paint the backs of the cabinet doors too. Once dried, re-install the doors, drawers, and hardware, and enjoy your kitchen’s makeover.

Style Your Stairs And Walls

Want to have a vibrant theme at home but don’t know how? Try to style your staircase. This easy DIY project can easily be done to give your home’s background a new feel. There are a number of easy projects you can do to make an impacting difference. Paint the risers and the treads in contrasting colors, or stain the tread and paint the riser.

You may also apply decorative tiles to the risers. Or for an easier way to add style to your steps, use trompe l’oeil adhesive stickers to add a bold faux tile look to the risers to turn your stairway, or apply stencils to paint patterns on the risers and turn the stairway into an aesthetic experience beyond it being the usual passageway.

You can even use wallpaper to create decorative effects on the risers. Increase safety as you add a decorative touch by adding non-slip carpeted stair threads or runner mugs.

Don’t forget the walls complement your staircase. Paint a mural. Add wall art. Make a photo wall or add a photo shelf. Walls can be decorated with wainscoting or paneling by adding molding. Use your imagination to add personality to your stairway and walls, as your home reflects who you are. Don’t hold back on creativity.

Create A Home Office

The global pandemic has had most employers rethink their policies on people going to the office. Most people are allowed to work remotely in order to save time and costs spent while going to the workplace.

Whether you’re working full-time from a home office or just need somewhere to think about your bills, you may want to carve out some space where you can take care of business without having to let other members of the family tone down on whatever they are doing.

Use a nook or a closet if you have to, but if you can commandeer an entire room, consider switching a hollow door to a solid door in order to reduce sound intrusion from the family room. Upholstered furniture, rugs, and quilt wall hangings will also muffle sound from the rest of the house.

You can use a table as a workspace instead of a desk, but be sure to add an amply cozy chair, sufficient lighting, some shelving, and storage. Be mindful of foot activity in the house so to avoid potential distractions.

With these 6 DIY projects you can do on your own, you will be able to do modifications to your home that will make it a better place to live in.

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