Having a pet is an astounding blessing once you choose to get one. Depending on the kind of pet you choose, they can either be bundles of limitless energy and joy or cool and calm avatars of peace and quiet. This is why they’re very much beloved by their owners given a certain level of commitment.

Owning a fur ball comes with great responsibility. This means that you need to pick up after them whenever they poop in your house or outdoors. Responsibilities are similar to having a child, cleaning up after them, grouping, occasional trips to the vets, playing and walking them regularly

On how to take care of your furry friend, there are a lot of communities that can help teach you. This is especially the case if you live in a subdivision in Laguna where there are potentially a lot of homeowners who are pet parents. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your pet.

Properly Identify Your Pet

Besides having papers to help prove your ownership of your dog or cat, make sure you give it a collar or harness to help with name and address  for identification should it wander around and get lost. It also should be noted that these collars should have a name tag of your dog and, if possible, a return address.

There are a variety of collars and harnesses available that can prove useful to pet owners in more ways than one. For instance, the existence of smart collars allows you to track the location of your pet. It also allows you to monitor their activity and have it recorded in the cloud. Why is this important? If you’ll take a look at the list of activities your pet has done over a period of time, you’ll more or less get an idea of its behavior during certain times of the day, allowing you to make more informed decisions about it.

Schedule Trips To The Veterinarian

Health is a major factor when taking care of a pet. Just like when you take care of another human being, you need to pay close attention to your pet’s health. By visiting the veterinarian on a regular basis, you can keep up to date on how your furry friend is doing health-wise and adapt in case of a potential health threat or condition.

Apart from being important sources of information about what vaccines your pets should get, they also provide you with the papers associated with your pet’s health. Having these in hand allows you and your pet to interact with other like-minded communities and groups of pet-loving people

While it’s true that it can be particularly difficult for your pet and yourself in particular to get checked, it’s definitely something that gets easier across several visits. The trick is for your pet to get used to or acclimate to your chosen veterinarian. It also helps to find a veterinarian with high reviews online.

Keep That Vaccination Up To Date

Over the course of 2 years, the pandemic has consistently shown people how vaccinations are the most effective way to not only save lives but put them back on track. Ever since their implementation in 2021, they’ve helped millions of people survive the deadly COVID-19 disease.

Similar to humans, vaccinations help save pets’ lives. Apart of course from protecting your pet from deadly viruses, it protects yourself and others in your home. By visiting your vet, you can get your furry friend the vaccines they need to become safe and healthy.

Spay/ Neuter Your Pets

In case you don’t plan to have more furry friends, spaying or neutering your pets is a good idea. Apart from preventing them from having offspring which more often than not means more mouths to feed and less space at home. 

It also prevents them from getting diseases that more or less involve their genitals and affects their behavior.  For male pets, they become less aggressive and prevent them from getting testicular cancer. In the case of female pets, spaying prevents them from getting ovarian cancer and cervical cancer.

A Place Of Its Own

Now, depending on the kind of pet you have or you’re getting, you need to make sure that it has a space of its own to move around or sleep in.This can be as small as a segment of your room where you can place its little bed or as big as an entire backyard for it to be able to roam and play around in.

Other pets require multiple rooms for multiple purposes. For example, you can have a separate room to feed it like in the kitchen or near the dining area, while having the backyard or another smaller room for relieving itself.

Invest In Proper Training And Socializing

For both cats and dogs, training and socialization is an excellent way for them to enjoy a fuller life. Having a well-trained pet isn’t only a hallmark of responsible pet ownership, it also ensures that you’d be able to control or influence it for its own safety. Preferably teaching your pets how to properly behave (and do tricks) given a certain command should come at an early age. You can do this by doing your research online, interacting with other pet owners and asking for help and/ or just hiring a pet trainer.

Socialization is another facet that you need to introduce to your pets. Having them socialize with other creatures makes them less anxious, thereby making them more welcoming to individuals you introduce them to. This can be easily done if you have other pets in your home. If not, ask your vet if they know a place where you can safely practice socialization for your pet, or go online and find groups that offer this information. Of course, this doesn’t only apply to other pets, it also applies to humans like you.

Introduce Them To Neighbors

For the purposes of keeping your pet safe and at the same time having them interact with other pets, introducing them to your neighbors is strongly recommended. Doing this can be as simple as walking up to your neighbors to let them know that you have a pet (with you carrying or tagging your pet along) and letting them know what its name is.

Of course, it’ll be much easier to introduce your pet to other people and for it to socialize if your neighborhood is pet friendly. By either walking them or just carrying them around in a stroller, you can allow them the privilege of seeing other people and the outdoors with the comfort of knowing they won’t get lost.

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