The average Filipino dream is to one day start a family and own a house to grow it in. Considering today’s changing landscape, general migration to the metro for better opportunities and, economy, this particular dream is often put in the wayside. Some rise above the difficulties of getting their own house and lot however, and look for prospective subdivisions.

Looking for a subdivision might be tedious, especially if you don’t have the right guidance. Here are a few tips that can help you out:

Learn Accessibility to Schools and Hospitals

Whether you’re starting a new family or just looking for a new place for your existing family to stay, you have to know if there are schools and hospitals nearby. It’s very convenient to have schools close by so your children don’t have to travel too far away whenever they go to school. In the same way, in case of a medical emergency, it helps to have a hospital nearby.

One good example is Greenfield’s Trava Development where it has grand schools like De La Salle University, Brent School, St. Scholastica’s College, Xavier, University of Sto. Tomas– Science and Technology Complex and the Acacia Waldorf School. Near the area, the hospitals are The Medical City South Luzon and the Asian Hospital. All of these are located in close proximity to the property.

Find Out About The Community

Another important thing to consider is if the subdivision has a community you can get behind. Other than the obvious reason of just being able to have a sense of community, it’s important to have neighbors who interact with each other.

Does the subdivision have community events that they occasionally hold? Do they have programs that help tend to the community’s individual members? It helps to know how active the homeowners are and the different projects lined up to feel the type of neighbors you will be having.

Find Out The Owners v Renters Ratio

Does the community have more renters than owners? Or more owners than renters? More often than not, a community that has more owners than renters gives you an assurance that these people will take care of their respective houses. Houses that look good and taken care of not only affect your prospective property value, it also affects the way you view your community.

Learn How Safe and Secure The Subdivision Is

Obviously, it helps to live in a safe and secure subdivision. Does your subdivision have installed CCTVs in highly trafficked areas? Do they hire private security firms to help monitor and watch those who come in and out of the community? At the end of the day, your home, your subdivision is a sanctuary you’d like to go home to to rest and feel safe.

That about wraps it up for what to look for when looking for a subdivision. Sta Rosa is one of the best places to look for one especially since it’s a growing city that’s closer to bigger business districts and has relatively accessible amenities and places of interest.

Contact Greenfield for more information at +63917 534 7336. Visit the website if you want to take a look at the subdivisions Greenfield offers.