With the global pandemic issue being slowly resolved, governments across the world are slowly lifting quarantine restrictions. In the Philippines, after several declarations of quarantine per region, people are finally allowed to experience some semblance of the “old normal” at Alert Level 2. This means lesser travel restrictions and more people allowed inside establishments.

While it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to have some good news after awhile, the “new normal” isn’t just a trend. Restaurants and other establishments mostly require people to present vaccination cards before being allowed to enter. Some of these places don’t allow people to enter their premises after a particular number of people is reached. And it makes sense because the possibility of a regression is still very possible, especially now that everyone’s coming out and populating malls faster than before.

For the smart individual, it makes sense to stay indoors when there’s no actual need to go out. This is the case especially during the weekends when most people are on their breaks and are aching to go out. But what do you do during the weekends while you’re in your condominium in Mandaluyong? Here are a few activities you can busy yourself with.

Renovate Your Home

One excellent way to keep things fresh while you’re indoors is to renovate your home. It can be as simple as just changing the arrangement of your furniture or as comprehensive as changing your room’s wallpaper.

This is good because not only do you get the opportunity to stay indoors where it’s relatively safer, you also get to exercise your creative muscle. Being able to decide where a particular piece of furniture or home accessory is best placed can be both therapeutic and rewarding, after all.

Do Some Maintenance

A well-maintained home is a happy and safe home so if you’d rather stay indoors than be outside during the weekends, one excellent way to spend it would be to do some maintenance. Get some general cleaning done so you feel clean and cared for before your work week starts.

You can also sanitize your condominium in Mandaluyong to help prevent the spread of any bacteria or viral infection in your household. Alternatively, check on your plumbing or electrical issues so you can schedule a specialist to help fix it.

The weekend is an excellent time to handle these concerns since maintenance tasks normally require a half to a full day to finish.

Get A Weekend Workout Done

If you’re hesitant about running in your neighborhood or taking a long ride outside, you can get your regular dose of endorphins indoors. It would help if you have a treadmill or a stationary bike at home, but there are a lot of options you can choose if you want to have a workout at home.

There’s virtually no excuse to not have a workout done while indoors. Practically any household item can be used as weights and there are circuit exercises that can help you maintain or enhance your cardio if need be. If you want to remain particularly active and still maintain a safe distance from the threat of a COVID-19 infection, sign up for online fitness classes. They’re relatively safer, you get to experience other people and you get to train yourself physically.

Tend To Your Hobbies

When the hustle and bustle of the work week leaves you exhausted that you couldn’t work on your hobbies at the end of the day, the weekend is your sanctuary. Whether you’re an artist who seeks to paint, sketch or sculpt or just someone who likes to have DIY projects, the weekend helps you accomplish your personal projects at both a reasonable pace and a fulfilling manner since you don’t compromise time at work, nor your time for rest.

Just like with physical fitness, you can look for online groups that hold regular meetings for talking and sharing about the same passion you have.