Located centrally in the middle of EDSA, Mandaluyong is a city that teems with activity befitting one that you may find in the Metro. Being in the center of the metro,  Mandaluyong proves to be one of the best places to start a family or establish your career due to its close proximity to major business districts.

Being roughly a few minutes away from the opportunities Makati, Manila, Taguig and other business districts present, it’s no wonder people choose to go to Mandaluyong. And while there are horizontal developments available in the area, condominium developments are more versatile in terms of investment.

Whether you’re looking to establish your family in an urban setting or just an upstart who’s just getting ready to take on the world, Mandaluyong is the best place to start. Here are a couple things you should look for in a condo for sale in Mandaluyong.

Accessibility To Places Of interest

When searching for a condo for sale in Mandaluyong, you need to take into consideration its accessibility to key places like shopping malls, hospitals, parks, schools, and transportation spots. How far is your condo from these places? How long will it take for you to get to them?

A notable example of an ideal condominium in Mandaluyong would be Equus’ Zitan development (Equus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenfield). Literally just a few minutes away from the EDSA MRT Station, Zitan gives you easy access to work locations via the train station through Pavilion mall or Shaw entrance.

Twin Oaks Place is also a few minutes away from the EDSA MRT Station and is conveniently located near Greenfield District Park. The park features restaurants and shops that you can check out during weekends for interesting items and deals. Both of these developments are boarded by the EDSA and Shaw thoroughfares, making them accessible to the MRT and Greenfield District Central Park.

Featured Facilities and Amenities

When moving to a new condominium, you might want to consider what you’re getting other than the unit itself. Does it have the facilities and amenities that can add value to you or complement your lifestyle? Some notable examples of facilities and amenities would be swimming pools, gyms, function rooms and gardens.

All of these, in one way or another, help improve your quality of life. After a long day of work you’d like to relax by taking a dip in the pool or take a reflective walk across the garden. It’s also easier to maintain your fitness level when the gym is just in your building.

Other than that, having multiple high-speed elevators, laundry service areas, backup power supplies and a main lobby for visitors are amenities that a good condominium must have.

Safety and Security

Another consideration you need to make is the condominium’s commitment to safety and security. After all, you want to come home to a sanctuary that’s safe and sound to sleep and grow a family in.

A good condominium should have 24/7 security services and personnel, provision of CCTV monitoring, and a working fire alarm and sprinkler system. You also need to consider health hazards like COVID-19 and how the development responds to it.

Do the personnel enforce social distancing and remind people to wear their masks right? Are there signs in public areas that show people how to properly keep their distance or how to wash hands? A developer that cares for the health of its people is a developer you’ll mostly want to be with for the long run.

The Developers’ Reputation

As a final point, the developer’s reputation is certainly an important consideration that needs to be made. The reputation of a developer is telling of the kind of condominium you’ll be living in. Looking through the values that they treasure should give you a good idea of what their developments are going to look and feel like.

Do they value family and long-term sustainability? Do they value commitment, innovation, and convenience? Do they emphasize the value of community and compassion? These are admirable traits that a condominium should have.

Look through developers’ websites and cross-reference these with research you do online. If everything checks out and you resonate with these values, then they’re a developer you can work with.

If you’re looking for a long term partnership that’s going to provide these benefits to you and your family, Greenfield is your best choice. For more information on Twin Oaks Place and Zitan, visit https://greenfield.com.ph/ , or contact +63 917-5347336.