In choosing the “ideal” lot for sale, there are not many things to take into consideration, with the bare nature of a lot. A great determinant of a good lot for sale is the location, as it can primarily affect many things in the long run such how your house with be constructed, the community your family will be living in, the activities determined by the nearby establishments, and for children, their security and the quality of life they will be exposed to during their formative years. To understand this further, this is what your lot for sale means for your children’s security.

Their First Space

Children, especially in their toddler years, are little bundles of joy who have very high bursts of energy. Because of this, an ideal family home must have enough space for both adults and children. This isn’t strictly about the size of the household, but in terms of the division of the area at home.

Children need space to run around, play with their toys, and be able to express themselves (that includes being a bit noisy) without affecting adult areas and the neighbors. These child-safe zones need to be made in such a way that will not interfere with their safety as they play around.

With the lack of space, there can be tendencies for a messy environment at home when activities of adults and children happen simultaneously and too close to each other, driving some parents a little crazy. To avoid such scenarios, make sure that you get a size of a lot that can accommodate your home’s needs. Make sure there is enough room for a family area, adult entertaining space, sleeping arrangements and a playroom for kids to enjoy being kids.

Try looking for lots that have cuts that are not too narrow on either the length and the width in order for you to get ample space to allocate enough room for children to explore and develop their motor skills without interfering with other matters in the household.

Their First Grasp of the World

It is a known fact the highest peak in the world is that of Mt. Everest. But for children, it is wherever they are when they are mounted on top of their parent’s shoulders. This simple thought applies as well for the first community a child will be raised in. The home where a child grows up, and the nearby amenities you bring them to become their first grasp of the world at their age. Their perception of what the world is like is greatly affected by the choice of location for your lot for sale.

When determining the lot to buy for your family’s future home, the location greatly matters. You would want to pick a location that is accessible to the needs of your family, especially your child. Look for a lot for sale in a neighborhood that is close to your pediatrician, a grocery store, your kid’s school, and has some child friendly amenities such as walkable parks and child friendly establishments.

It is also a good idea to look for a lot for sale that is within a gated community and in a pedestrian friendly environment. The last thing you would want is a home with a highway right outside, as this may impose great risks.

Also, consider an area that may expose your children to great areas of learning such as a developing city like Laguna. By choosing such, you will bring your children close to culture, while giving them access to nature and green space and a much less-densely populated area. Locations like this as well give your child more room to imagine and learn without worrying about pollution and too much foot traffic. Raising a child in an area with a strong sense of community also has numerous positive effects on children as they grow up, especially in terms of critical thinking, socializing, and independence.

When looking for the location of your future lot, check the neighborhood out. Are you surrounded by other families? Do you think your kid may be able to make a friend or is the neighborhood a place where you see your kid making friends? Take a walk around the area and have a feel for yourself. Usually it’s the first hand experience that tells most when it comes to considering matters like this.

By choosing the right location for your lot for sale, you are also choosing the right environment for your child to grow and develop themselves.

Their First Peer Encounter

Your first home will be where your child will hone his social skills. Aside from setting ample space for them at home to run, jump, make noise, and explore, look for a lot for sale within a neighborhood that has amenities for children. Playgrounds, sporting venues, kiddie pools, and family friendly event spaces are a great factor when it comes to choosing a home, as these areas will serve as an extension of your home when your children are developing their skills. Now with the presence of other children within their same age bracket, they tend to form their first friendships among their playmates, thus developing their social skills.

After they have outgrown their obstacle course or play area at home, they will at one point want to venture out. Imagine your kid developing skills from shooting a ball into a small ring in your living room to playing in a toddler’s basketball league? Or the progress of holding their breath in the tub while you give them their first baths up to the point they are learning to do their first swimming strokes in a kiddie pool? These milestones are priceless, and can easily be attained when they are exposed to the right environment.

By choosing the right lot for sale, you only do not choose a profitable piece of investment, you also choose the environment where your child will be growing up. By understanding what your lot for sale would mean to your children as they grow up, be able to make the best decision for your family.

Located in the country’s Lion City of the South, Greenfield City is a 400-hectare self-sustaining network of residential, commercial, industrial and recreational communities. Patterned after a park-living concept, Greenfield City puts a premium on open spaces and nature and offers a refuge for those who are looking for a refreshing shift in scenery and lifestyle outside of Metro Manila.

Within the gated communities of Greenfield city are three of its residential communities offering lots for sale — namely Trava, Pramana Residential Park, and Solen Residences, These properties offer bare lots that are surrounded by a balance between innovation and the embrace of lush greenery, making it an ideal place to raise children. These properties are near shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and business districts, giving you all you need within your reach. In this way, you can spend less time away from each other, and more time as a family, spending time focused on the things that matter.

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