Parents always want the best for their children. They want to raise their children in a way that prepares them for the future, ensuring they live happy and fulfilling lives. From teaching them how to walk to enrolling them in school, parents do a lot of things to make sure that their children are set up for success, and be the best version of themselves. With parents as the first teachers of their children, learning definitely starts at home. They play a paramount role in forming a better future for their kids. Aside from the parents, another big factor is the home they grow up in.

Statistics show that there has been a rise in the number of people who are starting their families in cities neighboring Metro Manila such as Laguna. And with ample space to support a small family and strategic locations to key areas such as hospitals, schools, and shopping centers, condos are the modern go-to for start-up families.

The balance between technology and natural wonders is prevalent in cities like Laguna and modern-day condos are more family-oriented spaces, making them an ideal location and home to start a family. For those still undecided, here is why investing in a condo for sale in Laguna can help make a better future for your kids.

More Intimate Family Time

Neighborhoods in the Philippines once used to be festive and full of tradition, from children playing in the streets and singing Christmas carols during holidays, kris kringles during the yuletide season, and welcoming neighbors by sending food over. Growing up accustomed to these traditions, children in the neighborhood got close to each other. This is because they frequently meet each other during events and regularly play during the afternoon.

Nowadays, neighbors in communities of single-family homes rarely even know each other. Children choose to stay at home and stay connected with their peers using digital platforms such as streaming services, video games, and social media as it is readily available in devices ranging from computers to phones which can be found around the household. Media can influence how children and teens feel, learn, think and behave, too much exposure to it may cause learning difficulties and delays in social interaction skills.

By starting and ending their day in their condo in Laguna, such as Zadia, parents are able to spend more time with their children, supervising their move and ensuring that they do not spend too much time doing things that may harm them in the long run.

Aside from the bond that starts from home, another family bonding activity is going out on family adventures. It doesn’t always have to be hikes and trips to museums, simple group strolls to the mall or eating out means a lot in helping children develop their social skills, as well as nurturing a bond among the family members. Thanks to the close proximity and walking distances to malls such as the Paseo Outlets, family bonding can be attained by going just a few steps away from home.

Since condos are shared spaces wherein you only have to care for the maintenance and upkeep of your own unit, there is less time needed to be spent each day when it comes to maintaining your home. The reduced chores associated with owning a condo can mean more time to spend bonding with your family. Since Zadia houses an array of amenities and facilities, there are many things to do with your child that can make the most of yours and their free time. You may bond through sports and have a friendly game of tennis or basketball on one of the many courts within the community. There is also a swimming pool that you can use to take a dip and a gazebo where you can hang out and bond for a change of scenery.

Sharpened Social Skills

Aside from deeper bonds with the family, living in a condo can also help boost social skills among children. By living in a community with a bunch of kids within the same age group to play with right across the door, your child will be living the dream.

Aside from letting your child experience the best childhood, allowing them to socialize at an early age is valuable in forming key skills that will help them in the future. According to studies, the lack of social skills leads to poor outcomes in the development of a child’s emotional quotient. It can hinder their ability to create relationships, affect their adjustment at school, lead to loneliness, and cause behavioral problems in the future. This makes living in a condo beneficial as it helps parents instill social skills to their children at an early age.

To further this, research shows that children with better social competence are more likely to show interest in taking up post-graduate classes, a better mental well being, and more willingness to grow into a great member of the society. This is mostly associated with decision-making and exposure to other individuals which is developed growing up.

Children living in Zadia can enjoy running around the luxuriant urban paradise filled with pedestrian-friendly wide open spaces. With playgrounds, a basketball, and multi-purpose court, children are exposed to team sports and develop a sense of competitiveness early on.

Parents can kick back and relax or bond with other parents as this gated community has a 24/7 security service that prioritizes the safety of Zadia’s residents.

Aside from your children growing up with a good grasp of social ties, the camaraderie brought on by living within the community forms a special bond among its residents. Aside from living close to your neighbors, you are more connected with them too.

Healthier Past Time

As the famous saying goes “Health is Wealth, one of the key factors parents must look out for when making a better future for their children is ensuring that they grow up healthy. While for adults, being healthy means working a treadmill, lifting weights, or cutting back on excess carbohydrates, children see exercise as an opportunity to play. They yearn to exercise almost every day with their high levels of energy. Instead of CrossFit or yoga, children play games such as tag, hide and seek, or monkey in the middle.

With regular exercise, active children have stronger muscles and bones, grow up with leaner bodies, and have lower chances of developing high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and high blood pressure. When living within Zadia’s community, fitness goals for both children and adults are easy to achieve, as you are surrounded by open spaces where you can jog, run, and play while your kids frolic around with their friends while breathing fresh air from the surrounding trees.

Replace movie time with spontaneous walks and outdoor activities. Explore and form connections with your community, as this is a great way to socialize while having physical activities outdoors.

Aside from being a place where children can experience the best of their formative years, Zadia can be passed on, making it a great investment for families who want to safeguard their children’s future.

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