One of the things that young professionals think about as they start their careers is saving money. As they would like to build the life that they want for themselves, the focus that they give their work is typically as much as they would give to managing their finances. After all, it is good to start saving early in order to become financially secure in the future. This is because of a multitude of reasons such as emergencies, retirement, and a lot more which can ultimately impact a person in the long run.

Yet, even if saving money is indeed a necessity, they still would like to have things that are in line with the lifestyle they live. After a long day of work, it would be nice to come home to a place of their own and also enjoy everything that allows them to live their everyday life comfortably. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a lot of young professionals nowadays to have trouble in balancing the lifestyle that they want to have while also continuously managing their finances for the future.

However, a good option investment is something that young professionals would benefit from. Here are a few reasons why investing in a condo in Mandaluyong would be a good way for young professionals like you to save more money in the long run.

Near Mass Transportation Systems

There are a lot of things that young professionals can do in order to cut down on daily expenses, one being commuting. With the current rise of gas prices, some opt to commute instead. Because of that, a lot of young professionals benefit from living in condos that are actually close to mass transportation systems. Since Mandaluyong has a lot of available varieties of mass transportation like jeepneys, buses, and trains, it would be an advantage to live there. They also have a lot of condos that are close to the MRT stations which can be very convenient to a lot of people.

Near Shopping Centers And Other Establishments

Apart from transportation systems, Mandaluyong City is also home to a lot of places where one can buy their essentials. There are numerous shopping centers and other kinds of establishments all around the city which are within walking distance to a lot of condominiums. Because a lot of condos are close to these shopping centers, busy young professionals will have no trouble getting where they need to go in order to buy what they may need. This is also quite convenient since if they opt to buy their groceries and cook their own meals to save more, they will no longer have to deal with the time-consuming ordeal of shopping at a place that is quite far from where they live.

Close To Other Cities In the Metro

There are a lot of working opportunities in the National Capital Region which is why it is not surprising that there are a lot of people who work here. However, there are those who have a hard time getting to work because of where they reside. As you may know, Mandaluyong is known as the city that resides within the heart of Metropolitan Manila. This is why it is easy to reach other areas of the capital region while in the city. This ideal location is perfect for those young professionals who may be working in a different city in the Metro. With a lot of condos in Mandaluyong built close to some major roads as well as public transport, going to other cities can be quite easy. It can save one time and money when they go to and fro their home and office.

Offers Amenities And Facilities

While they value exercise and other leisure activities, those who intend to save their finances may opt to disregard these and focus solely on working. That is why it is not at all surprising that some young professionals do not spend their money on availing gym memberships, court rentals, and other activities for leisure. Even if they do, this may come to add to their expenses which they may not like. This is where condominiums come to be very convenient. A lot of condos have a variety of amenities and facilities like their own gym, swimming pool, and many more. The cost for these are typically already a part of what they pay for which can save them a lot more than usual.

No Need To Worry Too Much About Maintenance And Repairs

When one has a house of their own, it is inevitable that they will have to deal with a lot of repairs as the structure comes to wear down with time. Homeowners typically have to be the one to either fix what broke or find someone who can fix it for them. This can both be expensive and time-consuming. Although, when it comes to condos, this is not a problem. The management is the one in-charge of maintaining the building and its landscape so that it continues to look and function the way it does. While this comes with a maintenance fee, this is considerably reasonable and more convenient compared to repairing a house by themselves.

Taking all of these in mind, there is no denying the benefits of availing a condo in Mandaluyong in terms of allowing you to save a lot of money. Yet with the large number of available condos for rent, it may be quite hard to decide which one would be perfect for a young professional like you. While taking all of the mentioned reasons into consideration, Zitan may be the best one for you.

With its strategic location between Shaw Boulevard and EDSA, Zitan is near any place a young professional may come to need such as malls, lifestyle centers, green open spaces, and offices within the Greenfield District. It also has a direct link to the MRT which is very handy to those who commute daily. It also has a fast internet connection which is due to its technologically advanced fiber-optic infrastructure. Apart from this, they also have multiple amenities and facilities which will ensure that residents will come to enjoy their stay. Some of these facilities are a main lobby with front desk service or a concierge, basement parking, 24/7 security services, fire alarm and sprinkler system, fully functional CCTV monitors, high speed residential elevators, a service elevator, a centralized sanitary disposal system, stand-by power supply, and water storage facilities overhead tank and cistern. For their amenities, they have a swimming pool, a fitness gym, a function room, and a children’s play area.  There’s also the Central Park that’s situated at the District and provides a space for your children and/ or pets to play in.

Young professionals often have a lot of things on their plate. Some of these have something to do with their finances as well as saving for their future. While it is true that these are important, they often overlook some things that would give them both comfortability and stability. This is why things that allow them to save while also helping them have a good lifestyle is something that they need to be able to have. At the end of the day, there will always be something beneficial to find within balancing what will allow you to have a comfortable future as well as a bountiful present.