As a parent, your family’s welfare is always at the forefront of your mind. You wake up each day with the sole purpose of providing for them and ensuring their needs are met. Your love for them knows no bounds, and you’re willing to go above and beyond to ensure their happiness and well-being.

There are a multitude of things you can give and do for them in order to lay a good foundation that can aid them in having a stabilized future. Some of these could be good values, fundamental life lessons, and also memorable life experiences.

Another important thing you can give them would be a good home. Having a good home to live in is very important because this can have a large effect in the growth of a family’s bond which, in turn, also impacts the development of children. It is crucial to think about what kind of home you will have and where it will be.

With that thought in mind, here are a few reasons why investing in a house and lot in Laguna would be a wonderful gift to ensure your family’s fruitful future.

Advantageous Location

With its location being in close proximity to Metro Manila, Laguna is definitely a convenient place to live in. If your workplace is somewhere within the metro, you would have no trouble accessing roads to get there. Having your very own house and lot within Laguna also gives you access to a lot of nearby key areas like schools and hospitals which will only take a short drive and would not be a hassle. Laguna is also home to a lot of establishments as well as vacation spots which is always a good thing since you will have no problem in reaching those places whenever you would like in case you and your family would like to have your own time for bonding and recreation.

Healthier lifestyle

If there is anything that is quite grueling for anyone in Metro Manila, it would be the polluted air you come to inhale. Coming to live in a place that boasts clean air is not only good for your physical health but also for your mind because it allows you to be more relaxed. This is why the fresh air and green landscape found within Laguna is something that you and your family will greatly benefit from.

Peaceful Life

Living in the metro will expose anyone to the loud noises of traffic which tend to be quite stressful to some. Most of the time, people will just want to enjoy the silence of nature as it can bring them a wonderful sense of calmness that is vital in one’s life. Being within the midst of nature would be a great way to bring more peace and calmness into your life. Coming to live in Laguna will open the doors of peace and serenity to you and your family as the luscious landscapes will give you the serene feeling that one can never seem to find in the loudness of a busy city.

Having a house and a lot of your very own in Laguna can bring forth a numerous benefits for you and your family. However, it can be tricky to find one within a community that will be just what you need. There is no need to worry since Greenfield City in Laguna offers three residential properties that are perfect for you: Trava, Solen, and Pramana.


As the flagship project of Greenfield Deluxe, Trava is a 33-hectare premier residential development. It has a lot of features and amenities which are highlighted by their integration of tree-lined roads as well as manicured landscaping. Through its remarkable Modern Tropical aesthetic, Trava manages to exemplify how living in the suburbs is not only refreshing but also sustainable which is continuously highlighted by the development aims to promote the improvement of the overall quality of life of each of their residents.


Brandishing its presence as an Asian Tropical sanctuary within the vicinity of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Solen is a development like no other. It boasts tree-lined wide roads which lead to stunning landscapes, a pristine lake, as well as vibrant parks which come in hand with the lush greens and sceneries found within the area. With its various amenities, it stands as the perfect place to enjoy life in the pure, fresh, and simple way that it is supposed to be.


Known for being the country’s first residential park, Pramana’s 30-hectare space is home to sprawling grounds of manicured lawns partnered with wide roads lined with trees. With its array of gorgeous Modern Asian houses, anyone who comes to live within the community is exposed to the tranquil lifestyle of the village and also the cosmopolitan feeling brought by the grand Greenfield City. Along with its many amenities and features are parks, playgrounds, and view corridors which are guaranteed to allow residents to unwind and enjoy their new homes.

Being able to find the right home for the future of your family is one of the greatest feats anyone can do for the ones they love. It will come to be a structure that will bear witness to the growing bond you can have for each member of your family which is why it is important that you choose the right one. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing but what would always take the top most priority should be the consideration of what is best for your family in the long run.

Greenfield City does not only offer residential developments for you to choose from but also an opportunity for you to have your family’s future to thrive. Each of the communities that are under their care are carefully crafted with their residents in mind, hence, having more than 50% allocated to open spaces, you and your family are guaranteed to enjoy turning your new home into a prosperous new home that will shelter you for the many years to come.