Owning land allows you to have a home for your family, your family’s family and diversify your assets and investment portfolio at the same time. Sta Rosa Laguna is one of the best places you can invest in due to its rapid urbanization. It’s also very accessible to the rest of the metro but manages to keep its signature suburban provincial peace and quiet.

Many developers have seen the potential in the south and have started building horizontal developments to invest in and, eventually, move into. Here are a couple reasons why owning a lot in Laguna is a good investment.

Its Value Appreciates Over Time

Areas that are barren can eventually turn into profit by developers. As time goes by and each piece of land is purchased by different entities, land prices (around 8-10% yearly). Consequently, having land on your investment portfolio only makes its value grow exponentially as time progresses.

Spacious And Versatile

Owning a lot in Laguna gives you the choice of adding several flourishes to your home. Adding a swimming pool or an extended garden, for instance, can only be done for horizontal developments that have land to spare.

Of course, it helps that your lot has enough space to accommodate these flourishes. Greenfield’s Trava Development offers a  minimum regular lot size of 550 square meters, enough space to house a sizable family. Having this much space allows you to create the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Ideal For Raising A Family

Having your own lot allows you to raise a family more effectively and comfortably. You’ll get a lot of space to provide rooms for individual members of your family. You’ll also be able to add or create rooms that allow you to bond with your family better.

Other than the space, the feeling of comfort, safety and privacy inherent in houses creates a more conducive environment for a family. According to studies, having a physical house contributes to a person’s well-being through that feeling of just having somewhere to belong to. Having a home to go to after a long and stressful day helps you find your center and carry on to the next day.

All things considered, being able to afford these benefits for your family and the future generations is a worthwhile investment. If you’re looking for a lot that you can call your own, consider visiting Greenfield’s home page at: https://greenfield.com.ph/ or call this number: +63917 534 7336.