When you’re a young professional, leaving your parents’ house might seem like an uncommon idea, considering traditional values and Filipino familial values. Having a sense of moral obligation to give back to your parents compels you to stay awhile and help with the bills a little bit. While there isn’t anything wrong with this, it might help to start building something for yourself as early as now.

How do you do that? By leaving the nest and looking for a place you can call your own. Nothing illustrates the concept of “adulting” better than having to manage your own home’s bills or maintaining its integrity.

Getting a condo for sale in Mandaluyong is probably one of the best decisions you can make as a young professional seeking to make it big in the metro. Here are a couple reasons why it’s a good idea.

Accessibility To Places Of Interest

First off, why Mandaluyong? As far as location is concerned, it can pretty much access most of Metro Manila. Other than being at the heart of the bustling artery that is EDSA, it’s also a business district in itself. This means that there are more opportunities to establish a meaningful and fruitful career in this area or near it.

Mandaluyong is also home to several shopping malls, restaurants, and other places of interest where you can potentially visit during the weekends. Most of these are just a few minutes away, if not just walking distance. In a nutshell, having a place in Mandaluyong means being a rock throw away from where you want to go. For example, Greenfield’s area in Mandaluyong has bigger, less congested side walks, streets and wide open spaces for you to take a stroll or run in.

Manage Costs

Often, a young professional is given the option to either buy a house or buy a condo. However, while there are certainly perks to both, it’s less expensive to get a condo. While you usually have to pay for the land to own it, you don’t usually have to do the same with condominium units.

When owning a house, you have several costs to consider outside of utility. There are estate taxes and subdivision fees that you need to pay, not to mention having to pay for maintaining facets of your home. When it comes to owning a condo, its upkeep is arguably more manageable than that of a house and lot.

Available Amenities and Facilities

Another great thing about owning a condo is that it has facilities and amenities that you don’t usually get with bedroom spaces or homes. One of the most important facilities condominiums usually have are gyms and swimming pools. These can help you get into tip top physical shape or help you maintain your fitness level and ensure that your health is in tip top shape. If, after a long day at work, you just want to relax, most condominiums also have swimming pools where you can take a nice dip in.

If you just want to take a stroll, some condos have gardens you can walk in. There’s also the Greenfield District Park whose greenery and other worthwhile views are great for resetting your mind.

For an expanded example of available amenities, take a look at Greenfields’ properties. They have an awesome selection of facilities and amenities that can suit your preferred way of life.

Good Investment Opportunity

One of the most important things to consider as a young professional would be additional sources of income. If for some reason you do choose to stay in the nest for sometime, getting a condo for sale in Mandaluyong is still a very profitable option.

If you don’t see yourself moving out of your home in the next few years, you can still get a condo for sale and rent it out to anyone who’s interested, thus making it an income generating asset. It’s relatively easy to maintain considering there are property managers who can assist you in this, and there are property brokers who can help you find prospective renters.

At the end of the day, it can be argued that leaving the nest gives your parents that sense of pride and success of having to raise a person who can manage a home of his/ her own. It’s also a good idea in the long term, since its value appreciates over time.

If you’re looking for a great place to start in Metro Manila, Zitan and Twin Oaks Place are your best options. Located in the vibrant city of Mandaluyong, these properties have easy access to shops, restaurants and the MRT, making it a prime location for young professionals to invest in.  Visit www.greenfield.com.ph, or call +639175347336 for more information about available condo units.