Simple reasons to shop local

Opening up a business of your own in this highly competitive world is a feat in itself. Small, local business owners most often have to divest of life’s savings, do all the legwork required, process permits and take a chance in investing on equipment, materials and labor and so on!

It’s no easy task, and they do it every single day to offer us, the public, alternative options that will hopefully impact our lives in a better, sometimes more sustainable, way.

So why support local, small businesses?

Supporting them supports your community
Buying their products would put your money back into your community and to other people who call your home their home as well. Your community will thrive and more opportunities will open up for even more people.

It shows respect and appreciation for the business owners
Small, local business owners most often do not have the big funds that they can turn to should they require extra capital, if they have an emergency, or even to simply increase their workforce. Buying local means that you respect them and their will to go out there and venture into opening up their products to the market. These people make honest living against all odds – whether it be to fulfill a dream, support their families or achieve financial freedom.

You’re helping give valuable product options to the market
Giving support to these business owners would mean alternative products will grow apart from commercial ones. Nowadays when FMCGs offer almost identical options, it’s so hard to select from the pile and purchase anytihing that stands out. However, purchasing a handcrafted, artisanal version – one where you can see how much heart and soul were poured into it – certainly adds character to any product and sets it apart by a mile to anything you can regularly purchase from the mall.

They will want you to love their product
Sometimes it’s not always about the money. Small, local business owners will give you the real deal and nothing hocus-pocused as they would want to grow their business through reliable word of mouth.

You help provide jobs
By shopping local, you keep a business open and thereby giving the owners opportunities to share their blessings with others through employment.