The recent announcements of alert levels 2 and 3 across the country have put most people in a strange state of both anxiety and excitement. For one, this means that they’re able to go out and experience a little bit of normality. Of course, there’s also the anxiety of getting the dreaded COVID-19 virus if they’re not careful. This is also the case for most workers who have been stuck in their remote offices. It’s great to know that there’s a possibility of seeing coworkers and friends again after two long years, but there’s always that lingering fear of getting sick as a result thereof.

Picture this as a worker, if you’re constantly hounded by the worry of catching COVID-19, there’s a big chance that you might not perform your tasks well. Which is why it’s important to make your colleagues feel safe and secure and, at the same time, make them feel like the good things that they missed in the last two years are back like talking to other work employees and finally being able to work in an optimal office setting.

The solution? Keep things safe and sanitized at work! Here are a few tips to keep your office for lease in Mandaluyong free from COVID-19.

Enforce Health And Safety Protocols For COVID-19

Of course, when it comes to going face-to-face in the office again, it’s important that your people follow protocol pertaining to the pandemic. Regardless whether you and your colleagues are vaccinated, it makes sense to still follow these guidelines so that others might follow.

When talking to colleagues or catching up, follow social distancing etiquette. Wear your masks in the office whenever you’re with other people. And finally, don’t skip out on sanitizing your hands whenever you touch something from the office. This doesn’t only protect you, it also protects others.

In order to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, you need to make sure that no one with the symptoms enters. Greenfield Tower, for instance, has security guards scanning the temperatures of both employees and guests to make sure that no one with a fever (a symptom of the viral infection) enters. For added security, have your office’s security team take the temperatures of your employees and colleagues and record it in a logbook.

You also need to limit the number of people you allow into the office in order to prevent the spread of the disease. You can have them report in the office in shifting intervals whilst the rest work from home.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. In this regard, make sure that you have your HR department require the members of your workforce to be vaccinated if they want to work in the office. Have them craft health and safety policies that revolve around COVID-19 and any other infectious and contagious disease and make your workforce aware about them.

On a regular basis, have your maintenance team sanitize each part of your workplace from the computer unit, the desk down to the carpet floors. This can ensure that the next person to work on a computer unit is safe and secure from the threat of COVID-19.

Most importantly, have your security personnel enforce these policies in a way that’s respectable and firm. At the end of the day, in order to combat this sickness, a healthy balance of enforcement and compliance is required both in the part of the employer and the employees.

Make Sure That You Have Enough Supplies

It makes sense to stock up on supplies that can help your office for lease in Mandaluyong safe from COVID-19. Apart from sanitation gels, alcohol and tissues, you also have to consider face masks in case some of your workers’ accidentally get broken.

You may also want to invest in plastic shields and barriers to separate cubicles from each other or just keep workers safe. You also need to purchase disinfectant sprays that you can use to spray on surfaces, door handles, cabinet knobs and virtually anything in your office that gets touched by other people. As much as possible, have alcohol sprays for each desk so your employees can sanitize their items themselves. It’s also optimal to alcohol spray, tissues and wipes in every part of your office so your employees don’t need to move from one area to another to grab them.

If you’re working with people who use the same computer units as is often the case with IT companies, it might make sense to get devices that are designed to be specifically resistant to the spread of the disease. For example, you can purchase anti microbial desk pads for your desks, while you get antimicrobial keyboards for your computer units.

Set Up Your Office For Safety

Following health and safety protocols pertaining to COVID-19 is easier if your office is set up optimally. When it comes to social distancing, make sure there are ground stickers in between cubicles and passages indicating what direction people should go.

Signages are also important in reminding people that the new normal applies even when they’re in the office. Have signages that indicate how far they have to be from each other pertaining to social distancing. Post signs that remind people to sanitize their hands and surfaces on a regular basis. It might seem too much, but for matters of safety for your office and the rest of the world, it’s practical to do so.

If you’re coming in and out of the office, you need to make sure that you’re not bringing anything back from the outside. In this regard, it’s helpful to have disinfectant mats in all your entry and exit areas. This makes sure that your shoes (which you sometimes take inside of your home) become sanitized whenever you enter the office.

If possible, check if air quality in your office is adequate enough to support the return of people in the office. You can also get air purification systems that can help purge the air of any impurities or any viruses that may be floating around. Greenfield Tower, for instance, has offce spaces that have high ceilings, a reliable air ducting system, and functioning, operable windows that  aid better air circulation

Pursuant to the the Philippine Labor Code, Republic Act (RA) No. 11058 stating that employers have the obligation to offer an environment where health and safety hazards are managed, Greenfield decided to help aid said employers in making sure this is the case.

With a given floor size of about 2,500 square meters and about 3-meter ceiling height with a variable refrigerant flow air-conditioning system, Greenfield Tower is designed to be a safe and optimal environment for the modern worker. Its five units of 2000-kw capacity generator sets that provide 100% backup power allows for this structural marvel to operate 24/7 without interruption. With well-designed office spaces and a reliable IT infrastructure,

If you’re looking for an office for lease in Mandaluyong that’s safe from COVID-19, Greenfield Tower might be for you. Apart from following strict health and safety protocols, this high-rise building also has wide open spaces that surround it, making it one of the safer places to go to in the area. Visit this web page for more information: